Production Facilities

Company has established the Production Facilities at Atgaon- Shahpur Maharashtra, India as commissioned in March 2008 under the guideline of cGMP & WHO GMP.

The Production Facilities is located in a green and non-polluting belt. The site is clear of any obstructions and is free from any polluting industrial units in its vicinity.

The premises have been designed keeping cGMP, WHO GMP and PIC/S GMP norms. The factory is constructed and equipped with the ultra modern system technology to meet the international GMP requirement. The layout and design is in such a way that it is aimed to minimize the environmental, human and cross-contamination risk.

The Company has laid down their own SOP for the various department and for various process to meet the Good Manufacturing practice to produce Quality products.

The factory has two buildings as:

Main Buliding with 3 floors:

  • Ground and 1 st Floor is used for production process and it have all core activity for production
  • Second floor is used for the service area to support the ground and first floor.

The plant has separate utility building where the boilers, compressor, electrical panel and DG set are installed to support the activity of main building. The plant has all the machineries which is required to produce all form of oral dosage like Tablets, Capsules, Ointments, Sachets and Syrups under the guideline of cGMP and WHO GMP.

The plant flows strictly Good manufacturing practices with the help of trained personnel, GMP model machines. The plant has separate ETP system to take care the surrounding environment from any toxic or hazardous substances.

The Environment of core area for production of different dosages and forms are control by HVAC and air conditioning system. The factory has the appropriate system to get the D.M water and clean water for the use inside the premises.

The Factory equipped with their own lab which complies the GLP norms.

Types of products manufactured

  • A. Oral Formulation
  • A.1 Tablets
  • A.2 Capsules
  • A.3 Ointments
  • A.4 Sachets
  • A.5 Syrups

* We are associated with a reputed manufacturer for injection in dosage of liquid & dry powder for Cephalosporin, Beta-lactam & Non Beta-lactam therapeutic segments.

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